I’m really excited to announce the release of my latest CD covering the works of CPE Bach.

The music was played on my copy of a Schantz fortepiano dating from 1795. The piano was built by Christopher Barlow of Frome, Somerset.

CPE Bach CD by Sharona Joshua CPE Bach CD by Sharona Joshua

Sonata in g minor, Wq.65/17, H.47
1 Allegro 4:32
2 Adagio 3:16
3 Allegro assai 4:07

Fantasie in E flat major, Wq.58/6, H.277
4 Allegro di molto 6:22

Sonata No.6 in f minor, Wq.63/6, H.75
5 Allegro di molto 3:09
6 Adagio affetuoso e sostenuto 3:49
7 Fantasia (Allegro moderato; Largo; Allegro moderato) 4:54

Rondo in B flat major, Wq.58/5, H.267
8 Allegro 5:41

Sonata in C major, Wq.65/36, H.157
9 Allegro moderato 6:36
10 Andante 3:03
11 Allegretto 4:52

Rondo in c minor, Wq.59/4, H.283
12 Allegro 5:17

Sonata in b minor, Wq.49/6, H.36
13 Moderato 6:14
14 Adagio non molto 3:48
15 Allegro 3:18

Rondo in F major, Wq.57/5, H.266
16 Allegretto 6:00

Total running time 75:07

To buy a copy of my CD online, click on the “Buy Now” button (below). This will take you to my page at PayPal where you can arrange payment. I am selling the CD online for £12.99 including P&P to UK addresses only. Please contact me if you would like to place an order for delivery overseas.