Auld Scottish Sangs

The poetry of the national Scottish bard Robert Burns set to music by Josef Haydn & Ludwig van Beethoven

Cantor David Rome tenor
George Clifford violin
Ibrahim Aziz cello
Sharona Joshua Schantz fortepiano

A selection of folksong settings carefully chosen from the Thomson collection of Haydn songs published in 1802, and the W0O.156 and Op.108 collections of Beethoven songs; the creme de la creme of Scottish favourites for voice, violin, cello and fortepiano presented to you by this unique ensemble.

Reverend David Rome is a prolific Cantor very much at home with various styles of music from folk and jazz singing through to classical music, amongst others.

The band members are all specialists in the field of Early Music and own various period instruments, the kind that would have been used at the time these compositions were created.

Both Haydn and Beethoven owned a fortepiano by the Viennese maker J. Schantz. This inimitable collaboration promises a performance clad with fresh insight into the poetry of Burns aided by Haydn’s characteristic and elegant symphonies and accompaniments, and Beethoven’s most dramatic word-painting renditions.

Interludes of delightful solo fortepiano pieces as well as Trios and Violin Duos by both Haydn and Beethoven are interspersed throughout creating a wonderfully charming, attractive and varied programme.