As a specialist, performing on period and historical instruments, Sharona’s repertoire is wide-ranging, spanning the centuries from Medieval and Renaissance music through to the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras.

In addition, over the years, she has concomitantly kept-up her modern piano playing and is often heard performing music of the 20th century. Alongside works by the iconic composer Gershwin, she has delved into the music of Berlin and Coward, the American songbook and Victorian Music Hall melodies.

Sharona delights in passionately exploring the endless improvisatory possibilities of these diverse musical genres.

Most rewarding of all was Sharona Joshua’s expressive performance of Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata, which acquired a luminous brilliance and greater mobility on the fortepiano than we are accustomed to hearing on a modern piano; qualities which I can imagine the youthful composer himself might have brought to it.

Musical Opinion

Sample recital programmes

Below are selected sample programmes, which can be changed if required. Sharona is similarly happy to create uniquely tailored personalised programmes adapted to any musical taste.

For further details please get in touch.

CPE Bach and all that followed

Reconstruction of Clara Schumann’s concert performances

A Tribute to Beethoven

Auld Scottish Sangs: A Tribute to Robert Burns

I Got Rhythm: The Music of George Gershwin