Pieces of Light

Pieces that make a difference

I have recently come across this powerful tool, and I am excited to share it with you.

I am currently undergoing a process of creating deep meaningful impassioned pieces of music that bring to the surface existing emotions, helping to work through them. These pieces can truly make a difference.

At the moment, I am in the process of investigating the influences of this type of improvised music, and am learning about the therapeutic properties and significances of these pieces.

The pieces fit into three different categories.

  1. Pieces that cause an overflow of emotion
  2. Pieces that intensify a desirable emotion
  3. Healing pieces

Each category works in a different way.

    1. Pieces, which create an overflow of emotion, do just that. They produce a surge, an outpouring of an already existing specific emotion, and bring it into our consciousness. Thus make it possible to work on it further.
            The pieces in this category:

      ‘Fear’, ‘Betrayal’ and ‘Loss’

    2. The pieces in this category intensify an emotion that we would all like to have in abundance in our lives.
            The pieces in this category:

      ‘Joy’, ‘Ease’, ‘Softness’, ‘Excitement’, ‘Love’, ‘Calm’ and ‘Tenderness’

    3. ‘The Healingpieces are pieces of music that warrant their own category. These are gentle pieces, they do not overflow emotions, and do not jolt.
            They are:

      ‘Healing’, ‘Release’, ‘Love’, ‘Love in motion’, ‘Consent’ and ‘Femininity’

The ‘Healing’ pieces can be listened to in two different ways:

      • As the following concluding step after listening to a piece of music from category one. First let the emotion come up and give it its fitting space and some time to be fully digested. After doing so, then and only then, listen to one of the pieces in this category, which will complete the work.
      • Choose to listen to these pieces on their own, and simply let things happen in an intuitive way. What needs to happen will! For those of you who know, this works in a similar way to Reiki (a type of transference of energy).

You can listen to these pieces in any way you so choose: in a focused manner, as background listening or even to specific parts of a piece, intuitively. Regardless – the music seeps in and starts making a difference!

These are home recordings recorded on a single TASCAM portable digital recorder. The music is entirely improvised in the moment, and there is no editing process involved.

I would be grateful for any feedback about your listening experience, about the feelings the music brings up in you and its effect on you on any level (spiritual, emotional or physical).

Footnote: You can add a note on the track itself by simply pausing the music and typing in your comment at the desired point .

Looking forward to hearing from you
Yours truly,

Pieces that cause an overflow of emotion

Pieces that intensify a desirable emotion

Healing pieces