‘Loving Relationship’ (audio)

by Sharona on June 18, 2013


This piece is in part a reworking of another I wrote a while back called ‘patience’ (from a couples relationship perspective).

First there seems to be a prevailing sadness and harshness in the male voice depicted by searing chromatic chords. These become less and less so as the piece unfolds.

In between sections appear trills up high, scales in major thirds and whole tone scales, symbolising fairy dust being sprinkled upon the relationship, thus adding a touch of magic to it.

The woman’s voice comes in in the form of a gentle, delicate repeated note. Chords are spread, allowing for a mellowing, toning down and softening.

Gradually, a connecting melody appears, at first fragmented, hinted upon. Next it is played in thirds (depicting both voices), repeated notes now change into repeated chords, as voices of man and woman meld together. This develops into a powerful yet gentle and all embracing section leading to transformation.

Finally, the chords which appeared at the start return transformed, no longer hard and searing but refined, soft and caressing just as in a loving relationship.

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