Note of thanks (3 April 11 gig)

by Sharona on April 5, 2011

I very much enjoyed taking part in this event at Lambeth Town Hall.

The individual musical acts were quite exquisite (Stewart Curtis Klezmer quartet, Adel Ebrary, and Paree’s acapella choir). Also, the event as a whole worked so well. It was a treat to hear such diverse styles of music being presented alongside each other. One could hear very clearly how music in its essence borrows ideas from its surroundings, and how all styles are intrinsically interlinked.

It was also nice to see people from such diverse ethnical backgrounds in the audience enjoying ALL the very different acts. We should definitely do this again!

I wish to thank rabbi Philip Ginsbury for coming up with this wonderful idea, and for turning it into a reality. And a big thank you to Nitza Spiro for helping find these amazing musicians.

My only regret… forgot to take some photos!



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