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by Sharona on September 27, 2007

Reviews for my CPE Bach CD are now starting to come in.

The following was posted in The Herald Newspaper on the 18th of August 2007

CPE Bach: Fortepiano Works
Sharona Joshua
Rubato Records
£12.99 ***** (5 star)

Much is known about the life of CPE Bach, son of JS. Much less is known about his music. Some see it as transitional, between one era [the Baroque] and another [the Classical]. The music itself is seldom played.

You have to wonder why, listening to israeli pianist Sharona Joshua’s stunning performances in this collection of sonatas and fantasias. The breathtaking originality of the playing, wonderfully appropriate on the early fortepiano, with its intimate, dry tone, catches every revolutionary nuance of Bach’s unsung genius. If CPE Bach’s day ever comes then Joshua must be seen as his critical missionary.

On sale at, [the internet (Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes) and at music shops all over London].

Michael Tumelty (18.08.2007 The Herald)


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