Workshop & Concert at City of London (boys) School, 7 March 06

by Sharona on February 28, 2006


Performance practice workshop
A musician will move others only if he himself is moved: it is essential that he should experience all the states of mind that he wishes to rouse in the listeners, for in that manner he will make them understand his feelings and make them participate in his emotions. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, C. 1773.

In the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods the responsibility for bringing a piece of music to life lay solely within the talent, skill, and knowledge of the performing artist.
Composers relied heavily on the discretion of the performer to deliver the music with great panache, volatility and brilliance.
This workshop is aimed at generating a better understanding of performance practice by providing a lecture recital followed by a workshop for students.
Benefits of the Programme
a. Provision of an example for a stylistic approach
b. Widened scope of knowledge of the art of performance practice
Programme objectives
By providing a workshop and concert, and covering most aspects of ‘good taste’ this programme specifically aims at developing:
a. Knowledge of the principles of performance practice
b. Development of practical skills to enhance performance
c. Change in attitude concerning the meaning and expression of music
Programme Content
The sessions follow the structure below:
1. Workshop – approximately 1 hour
2. Workshop on a one-to-one basis and in chamber groups – 2 hours + 2 hours
3. Student concert
For the workshop and concert I shall be using my own fortepiano (or harpsichord).
My instruments
A copy of the 1795 Johann Schantz fortepiano in Bath by Christopher Barlow
A copy of a single manual Ruckers by Andrew Garlick
An original Ignaz Pleyel 1853

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