Concert Concerto Cristofori at Hatchlands (the Cobbe Collection), Wednesday, 5 April 2006, 12pm

by Sharona on February 27, 2006

Grand Duo

Sharona Joshua Pleyel piano
Nia Harries cello

Mendelssohn Variations Concertantes (for cello & piano) in D, Op.17 (1829)
Chopin Berceuse in D flat, Op. 57 (1845)
Chopin Cello Sonata in g minor, Op. 65 (1845-6)
Mendelssohn ‘Lied ohne Worte’ in D, Op.109 (1845)

A rare opportunity to hear this romantic repertoire played on authentic instruments.

The pianos of this era are very different in construction to the Viennese action pianos. However, they still very much consist of the older fortepiano qualities, in their delicate tone and sound production. This warrants a performance much closer to the style of playing, prominent in the romantic era.

Chopin preferred these Pleyel pianos to anything else on the market, and his music has always been closely associated with these instruments.

“Rarely have I enjoyed such excellent artists, each with an individual voice and rich instrumental sonority expressing musical ideas and emotions in such an unaffected manner. In ensemble every nuance and shading remained clear, almost conversation like, as one instrument interacted with the other, yet managing to preserve its own identity. Bravo!”
Maestro di Canto – Oleg Lapa

For further details go to the Hatchlands Cobbe collection website

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