Workshop at City of London School (boys), 11 October, 05

by Sharona on October 14, 2005

Workshop: The Principles of Music

a. Tempo Rubato – the art of borrowed/stolen time aimed at arousing emotion and affecting the soul
– Tempo changes
– Tenuto
– Notes Inegales
– Over-dotting
– Rhythmic dislocation of melody and accompaniment
– Fingering
– Agogic accents
– Shorter valued notes played later and faster
– Portamento (stringed instruments)
– Vibrato (stringed instruments)
b. Touch and posture
c. Pedalling
d. Fingering
e. Articulation
f. Improvisation
g. Rhetoric in music
h. Use and comparison of notated music of contemporary and modern editions.

1 hour 20 min.

Theoretical explanation of the material stated above through the study of
Mozart Sonata in B flat K.333 (1st movement)


1 hour 20 min.

Putting the material at hand into practice: Performance and masterclass
Haydn Piano Trio in G

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