‘Femininity’ (video)

by Sharona on May 12, 2013


This piece is very much connected to the channeled piece TENDERNESS I created just a few weeks ago. It opened up a space for FEMININITY, a sort of prelude if you like.

It is important to note that the feminine side exists in us all, men and women alike. There are some women in whom the masculine side is the dominant one. Likewise, some men are very much connected to their feminine side.

We are not talking about a sexual identity nor about traits of character, but rather of femininity in an energetic sense.

The feminine has been neglected for eons of time in favour of the masculine. It is time to bring it back in so that the balance between the two is restored.

Motherhood, caring, tenderness, understanding, listening, forgiving, embracing and loving are but a few closely associated attributes of femininity.

I hope this channeled piece of music with its conveyed attributes awakens the dormant feminine in you.

Enjoy! 🙂

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