‘Tenderness’ (audio)

by Sharona on March 4, 2013


This piece is called רכות in Hebrew. There doesn’t seem to be an exact translation of the word into English. The closest is a softening of sorts, tenderness, gentleness and warmth all wrapped into one.

I had actually created a piece called ‘softening’ about a year ago when I first started channeling through music. Listening back to it, it is interesting and encouraging for me to see how the pieces have evolved and developed since. From an initial somewhat scattered, sporadic burst of ideas to a more integrated and formulated style. I have no doubt I have yet some ways to go.

I have not much else to say about this piece that hasn’t already been explained in the accompanying video. Only that I create these channeled pieces as much for my own benefit as for others. It is a process, an accelerated one, that helps me grow into who I really am, that brings about the thinning of the veil between my human and higher self with utmost ease and grace.

I truly feel blessed!

As always, looking forward to hearing from you about your own personal experiences after having listened to this piece. If you would like to receive a personalised piece of music please contact me on

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