The story behind the piece ‘Love’ (audio)

by Sharona on September 20, 2012

About a month ago I was asked to write a piece of music for one very lovely lady called Daniela. The given theme was love – an all embracing, cuddling, cotton wool wrapping sort of love.

As I had a specific individual in mind, I needed to personalise the piece.
How does one go about adding a personal flavour to such a generic theme such as ‘love’? The answer came to me through channeling – I was to incorporate the name ‘Daniela’ into the music.

Confusion set in at first until a clearer picture emerged. I was asked to use the numerological numbering of the letters in the name Daniela to correspond with musical notes.

I was faced with two issues:

  1. The letters in the name Daniela do not correspond, in the conventional way, to those of musical notes.
  2. I was seeing her name in Hebrew.

The solution to these quickly came to mind and is outlined below:

D = ד

    The fourth letter in the Hebrew alphabet mirrors the fourth one in English.

B = נ

    The letter B is the corresponding letter on the English keyboard to ׳נ׳ on the Hebrew one.

H = י

    The letter H is the corresponding letter on the English keyboard to ׳י׳ on the Hebrew one. The Letter H often represents the note B flat in musical terms.

A = א

    The first letter in the Hebrew alphabet mirrors the first one in English.

A = ל

    The note ‘La’ in Hebrew corresponds with the note A in English.

G = ה

    The fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is ׳ה׳ which is tantamount to the fifth degree in the most commonly used C major scale. The explanation for this last one may seem a little far fetched, nevertheless, that was what came up… who am I to argue.. 😉

Thus the name דניאלה in Hebrew corresponds to the musical notes DBHAAG, and it is these notes in this specific order that form the piece’s melodic theme.

Interestingly, halfway through the piece the theme is rearranged so that the name appears in an inversion as though reading it backwards (GAAHBD).

The practice of attributing numerological numbering to names, and pairing them with musical notes, was commonly used by classical composers throughout the ages… I figured I am in with a good crowd! :)

Daniela has graciously allowed me to add onto my website both music and accompanying explanation. She listens to the piece often, and I understand it helps her reconnect with her infinitely loving higher self.


Foot notes: notice this piece appears in two categories on the page ‘pieces of light’ as it arguably belongs to them both.

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