Concert 3 April 2011, Council of Christians and Jews, Faiths together in Lambeth and Spiro Ark

by Sharona on December 27, 2010

Sharona Joshua at Lambeth Town Hall
(in association with South London Council of Christians and Jews, Faiths Together in Lambeth and The Spiro Ark)

Sunday, 3 April 2011, 3pm
Lambeth Town Hall
Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1RW

Faiths together in Music

A unique and exceptional musical event bringing London’s religious faiths closer together.

Belting Jewish Klezmer tunes alongside transfixing Hindu music, tantalising Arabic Oud beats and harmonious Christian Psalms. A momentous opportunity to unify communities, and a wonderful way to celebrate Mothers Day!

Sharona Joshua fortepiano
Playing Christian hymns, anthems and variations

The Stewart Curtis traditional Klezmer quartet
Rob Terry keyboard
Brad Lang bass
Hans Serrao drums
Stewart Curtis clarinets and flutes
Performing eastern Europian Jewish traditional tunes

Paree’s International Group acapella choir
Female acapella choir singing Sri Chinmoy’s songs in Bengali

Adel Ebrary vocals, percussion (Gambi, Drabuka and Bongos)
Performing Sufi soul music

For more information about the event please go to Council of Christians and Jews page

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